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By Marinda Caldarone


Published 26-Mar-2004

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Actors need actions. They cannot "act" adjectives, they need verbs; they need an aim to achieve, an action to perform. This is a thesaurus of active verbs with which the actor can refine the action-word until she or her hits exactly the right one to help make the action come alive.

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Radio Times Guide to Films 2015



Published 23-Sep-2014

RRP: £25.00
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Not yet published. You may still order this book and we will despatch it as soon as it becomes available.

Leonard Maltin's Classic Movie Guide

By Leonard Maltin


Published 06-Feb-2010

RRP: £14.99
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A guide for fans of classic films both familiar and obscure. It covers thousands of films, from the silent era to the 1960s, including "The Birth of a Nation," "The Cabinet of Dr Caligari," "Grand Illusion," and "The Maltese Falcon" (three versions: 1931, 1936, and 1941), "Singin' in the Rain," and "Godzilla, King of the Monsters!"

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New Kobbe's Opera Book

By Earl Of Herewood


Published 04-Dec-1997

RRP: £55.00
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Intended for opera-lovers, this book covers nearly 500 works, including works like John Adams' "Nixon in China", Harrison Birtwistle's "Gawain" and Thomas Ades's "Powder Her Face".

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Oxford Dictionary of Dance

By Judith Craine


Published 19-Aug-2010

RRP: £11.99
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This new edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Dance provides the information necessary for dance fans to navigate the diverse dance forms in the 21st century, with new coverage of dance forms that have grown in prominence over the last 10 years, many new biographical entries, and a greater emphasis on the international dance scene.

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Archers: the Ambridge Chronicles

By Joanna Toye


Published 03-Oct-2013

RRP: £9.99
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The Archers, like life, is made of moments: marriages and births, loves and losses, triumphs and disasters. It has been the soundtrack of our lives for over six decades, from stooking corn with Dan Archer in the 1950s to the tragic death of Nigel Pargetter in 2011. This title relives some of the defining moments in The Archers history.

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Encyclopedia of the Musical Theatre

By Kurt Geanzl


Published 17-May-2001

Our price: £359.00

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Film Encyclopedia

By Ephraim Katz


Published 20-May-2012

RRP: £24.99
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A comprehensive encyclopedia of film. It features more than 8,000 entries on the artistic, technical, and commercial aspects of moviemaking, including: directors, producers, stars, screenwriters, and cinematographers, styles, genres, and schools of filmmaking, motion picture studios and film centers; and film-related organizations and events.

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'Have You Seen...?'

By David Thomson


Published 04-Mar-2010

RRP: £17.99
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Looks at a century of cinema. This title is the author's personal, irreverent, hilarious and utterly original take on the 1,000 films he has most loved - and hated - from "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" to "Zabriskie Point", from esteemed classics to forgotten curiosities, guilty pleasures to noir treats, horror gems to kitsch disasters.

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Dictionary of Opera Characters

By Joyce Bourne


Published 13-May-2010

RRP: £12.99
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A unique reference work containing over 2,500 A-Z entries on operatic characters. Includes synopses for over 200 operas and operettas, as well as feature articles written by well-known personalities from the world of opera, including Placido Domingo and Dame Janet Baker. It is an essential book for anyone with an interest in opera.

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